First disclaimer, we’re an Ango-Dutch partnership. What does this mean? Nothing really, except one of us gets overly sensitive when asked if he’s German and has a disproportionate enthusiasm for hills or inclines of any sort.  The other is rather polite and finds that a well-timed cuppa tea can solve many a creative challenge. For our clients, it means our collective knowledge and experiences enable us to successfully support a diverse range of services.


“To say I came out of the womb carrying a camera would be a stretch, but not far off it. Photography is in my blood and I have been very fortunate to have had a successful career doing what I love and winning an industry award or two along the way.”



“I enjoy the excitement of getting the brief and working with the client to identify the end goal. Being part of the creative process and then stepping out of the way (often literally) so that John can take the shot or video.”



Our collective knowledge and experiences are made up from our pasts and they have covered a lot of areas including photo journalism, studio owner, commercial photographer, design manager, graphic design, photography equipment retailer and an educator and trainer of photography.


Drop us a line and find out how we can support your business needs.