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Increase the impact of the message through inspiring commercial photography

To say I came out of the womb carrying a camera would be a stretch, but not far off it. Photography is in my blood and I have been very fortunate to have had a successful career to date doing the thing that I love and winning an industry award or two along the way.

What motivates me 25+ years on to keep taking photographs:

  • The creative aspects of photography, such as being given an assignment and finding different photographic ways to interpret it.
  • The collaboration with my clients, with the models, with peers and technicians to define the brief and deliver photographic images with impact.
  • The sense of achievement when the work is delivered and the images that you created are incorporated into clients websites, brochures and other promotional collateral.

My brain is a busy place with the creative left side having to play nicely with the technically-focused right side, but it means that I thrive in areas that many photographers don’t go. Give me a tough night shot and I’ll deliver; ask me to find exciting ways to visually represent micro components, product promotion and reportage/editorial scenes and I’ll be in my element. Present me with a bunch of shy business people and I’ll make them comfortable in front of the lights and camera and provide headshots that do them proud.

My galleries are just a snapshot of the work that I do. I offer a bespoke service that reflects my client’s needs with a simple competitive pricing structure. I am based in Chester, with my own photo studio, have a remote studio set for on location photo shoots and often travel to deliver my assignments.

Contact me to discuss your needs.