Studio builder

Years of building photo shoot sets on assignments to achieve the images, lighting and effects that were required to deliver our client’s brief led us to expand our business. In addition to photography services, we manage the set-up and build of fixed and temporary photography studios to support other photographers work.  Having built many studios for John Jules Photography, we are proficient in designing and constructing infinity coves and hanging studio lighting systems.  For location shoots, in addition to the construction, we can also supply the backdrops and lighting equipment.

Our service includes a site visit and communication with the client and any suppliers needed to support the assignment.  If required, we have the expertise to coordinate the build of the set, support the principle photographer(s) by managing the logisitcs on the days of the photo shoot and break the sets down at the at end of the assignment. Through our network we can provide Photoshop expertise on set for the same day shoot to publication turnaround.

John typically works with Bowens, Broncolor, or Briese equipment.  Please contact us for more information and a quote.